Quality Assurance

      Quality Assurance:

All Secure provides 24 hour on call services for emergency situations, extending our availability for security coverage if needed. There are two  (2) methods for contacting either the Area Supervisors and/or Resident Manager

1 ~ Calling the local (Belgrade) number at anytime. If there is no one in the office (weekends, after-hours) the phone will automatically roll to the 24-hour All Secure cell phone, where staff will be available to deliver a message and/or contact the person immediately.

 2 ~ Calling the direct cell phone numbers for the VP or corporate Office Manager.

 All Secure will also provide the client with direct numbers to local Management and Area Supervisors (via cell phone).

    Problem Resolution:

In the security industry a common client concern is, How far do I have to go to get a problem resolved? By having Area Supervisors and Resident Management nearby, we assure you that if and when any questions, problems, or concerns arise, by contacting the All Secure Office, the situation can and will be handled immediately.